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IDS Management

Internet Distribution System (IDS) is a collection of more than 2000 online travel agencies, travel websites and reviewing pages which specialize in internet tourism marketing, focusing directly to consumers.

These online systems have distinctive features that can be used to drive potential travelers to a given destination or to a travel company.

The IDS offer technology that allow customers to plan complete trips that combine flights, hotels, transportation and other lodging. Travelers have the ability to research, plan and book their travel needs from a wide selection of partners.

So what is the importance of being visible at IDS?

The answer is simple, the more IDS you are on the more likely you are to be booked. The advantages that Axia Hospitality can offer you through the usage of IDS are the followings:

  • Presence on the internet 24/7 to Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere
  • Connectivity to consumer in to 21 major languages
  • Direct payment & cash flow
  • Personnel reduction in fields of Sales & Public relations (contracting travel & tour operators)
  • Maximize Occupancy and Revenue 

The benefits that Axia Hospitality can give you are the followings:

  • Competitive placement of your hotel in IDS 
  • You will save your staff time to focus on quality services
  • By focusing on direct customers you will get more satisfied guests
  • Internet Market is open 7 days per week, 24 hours a day
  • It allows your implement an online distribution strategy to capture new market share

Often hoteliers concentrate only in increasing occupancy. Increasing occupancy by sacrificing average rates just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t work.

Only in rare cases will reduced rates generate enough occupancy to compensate for the rate reduction. The most important questions as a hotelier must pose are the followings:

  • Is my pricing policy well placed in the market in order to be competent?
  • What was the planning of creating a pricing policy
  • Do I know my competitors? 

Correct rates are determined by what guests will pay to achieve a good VALUE (what AXIA means) to the buyer. VALUE is a relative term which includes your hotel location, facilities and its competitive environment. Ignoring your competition doesn’t make them disappear.

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